To illuminate something is to shed light on it physically or to reach higher knowledge through enlightenment.
The 23° Eyewear Illume mineral lens was conceived with all this in mind, to enable us to see and sense things at the same time when light… is low.

By making things brighter and improving contrast, the 23° Eyewear Illume mineral lenses are a perfect pick for outdoor activities in environments with moderate to low light conditions. An outdoor café or an open-air sporting match in the evening, an early morning walk or bike ride.
In overcast and hazy conditions, the extra water vapor in the air increases the scattering of blue light, decreasing visual acuity and depth perception which can therefore cause eye fatigue. These lenses can improve visual clarity, contrast and definition, reduce the impact of blue light, improve depth perception and relax your eyes.
The anti-reflective back coat filters any bounce back glare.

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