The pairs of chromosomes in the humane genome.
The angle between the median axes of the eyes and the orbits. The slanted position of the heart in relation to the rib cage. The physical biorhythm cycle.
The degrees of inclination of our planet.
Twenty-three is the Natural Expression of things and of our world. An ideal expression, chosen to narrate tomorrow’s vision, showing respect for the environment, for nature, for ourselves. Welcome to 23 Eyewear.


A collective of eco-warrior professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, brought together by a big vision, an environmentalist attitude and an action mindset.

Designers, artists, thinkers, writers, sports and green-life lovers united by the desire
to preserve our planet by preserving the value of products for as long as possible, through the zero-impact approach of a circular design cycle.

23° Eyewear Design Sunglasses
23° Eyewear Design Sunglasses

Agender aesthetics

The pure and essential genderless style of 23 Eyewear, is balanced by the asymmetry of the temple tips; a subtle reminiscence of the natural equilibrium of our perfectly imperfect human body, as well as by the slim line embossed on the frame’s front inspired
by our spinal cord. The circular metal logo resembles Earth, the 23° slant a conceptual symbol suggesting its inclination.

We know eyewear.

We are passionate about the environment.